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How Black Magic Was Revealed in Two Ancient Curses

When black magic was something that was pretty common, there were two curses cast that involved snakes. One was used against a doctor and another that was an animal doctor. That is what two 1,600-year-old curses have revealed. The curses talk about a goddess whom may be the Greek goddess Hekate, otherwise known as Medusa.

The snakes coming out of the hair are meant to strike out at the possible target of the curses. They both stem from Greek invocations that are known to call upon Hekate. Both curses were found inscribed on lead tablets and written in Latin. Each were created by two separate people during the Roman Empire.

The tablets disappeared for a while for some time, then rediscovered in 2009 at Museo Archeologico Civico di Bologna located in Italy. The museum received them during the late 19th century. Where they were all that time has never been fully determined, although that would be an interested fact to find out. It was never determined where the tablets originated from. Yet they did determine who the exact targets of the curses were.

The senator whom was cursed was named Fistus and the animal doctors name was Celia Sanchez Natalias. Reason exact names were mentioned is because when a tablet curse is used the victim’s information has to be very exact. It has never been determined who cursed Pocello or why they decided to curse him. No matter the reason a curse is never a good thing. The Porcello curse was rather harsh mentioning destroying, crushing and killing him and his wife.

The curse of Fistus the roman senator had mentioned to crush and kill him too. It also wished for him to dilute, languish sink and have all of his limbs dissolve. Again in this case it is not known who cursed him or why. For the time period though it was a really nasty curse. Both of the curses are both harsh so we can only assume that they had to be pretty upset to evoke such a nasty curse. Especially during a time that such harshness was kept under wraps.

How Black Magic Started

Almost everyone has heard about black magic, but don’t really understand it fully. They make assumptions without really knowing anything about it. Black magic was brought over to the western world by slaves from Africa. Haiti was the oldest known area practicing it going all the way back to 1724. It was a snake cult that was the first known originators of this type of magic. The group worshipped many different spirits in different aspects of life.

It was first used and noticed in Louisana in 1804, plantation owners were the ones to first experience it. It is practiced worldwide in excess of 80 million people and more are getting into the practice every day. Black magic in the early years though was also associated with any magic or rituals that were considered out of the realm of what was considered normal or explained.

Black magic was also practiced in the 17th century in Paris by a French Priest by the name of Etienne Guibourg. Black magic was also part of the Renaissance era as well. Most would have associated it with the witch trials during that era. Every group that practices black magic have their own rituals and methods that they use.

Many have always assumed black magic is only used for harming people. Which in some cases it has, but black magic is not only used for that and that is where the misunderstanding comes in. This is one situation where there is bad there also good. It all depends on the intention when the magic is used. If you have good intentions you will get good results, if you have bad intentions you will end up with negative results.

Today Louisiana is still known for being the birthplace of black magic in the United States. Especially in the New Orleans area. That is where some of the most well-known Priestesses and Priests were from. So the most solid roots of black magic can be found there as well as information about its history. It has continued strong through the generations and is still relied upon by many.

Cure for black magic and religions!

People say Black Magic cannot be treated but they are wrong. Yes, it cannot be treated always because sometimes it’s too late but when you get hold of the Magic in its earlier stages you can easily treat it. The treatment of the Black Magic varies from religion to religion. Listed below are three religions and their way of treatment for Black Magic.

In Islam:
In Islam, Black Magic is forbidden. One should not perform Black Magic due to any reason. The person performing Black Magic is not considered as a Muslim. But that doesn’t mean there is no cure for that. To cure Black Magic one should take a shower and clean themselves before performing any ritual. The person should be a spirit healer and should have complete belief in Allah. They should be in the state of Wudhu and then the ritual starts. The ritual mainly consists of recitation of Quranic verses that are specific for the treatment of Black Magic. Some use different teachings as well like read Quranic verses on a white cloth and give it to the person suffering, different stones are recommended to keep with themselves but above them is the Ruqya. That is belief in Allah and his teachings.

In Christianity:
In Christianity, Black Magic is also forbidden. Deuteronomy 18:10 say, “Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft.”

To treat Black Magic, a Priest or Spirit healer is called by the victim or victims family. Like Islam the Spirit Healer should believe in Jesus wholeheartedly and should be neat and clean before performing the ritual. To remove Black Magic, the Priest recites verses from Bible and sprays Holy Water on the victim. The Priest controls the spirit through his teachings and the Holy Cross. In this way the Black Magic is destroyed by the Priest or Spirit Healer. But the best treatment is to go to Church and worship every day or at least on Sundays. And don’t lose hope in God.

5 Forms of Black Magic That have been Possible with Science.

There are many things today that are possible that people years ago related to being black magic. Now though they are actually finding out through science that many of these things are real and in some ways useful. The problem is sorting out the genuine from the frauds and scammers. You may be wondering what these things are that I am talking about, so let’s go over five of them.

Mind reading is something many have claimed to do through the years. However, there are only a limited number of people that have been proved to be able to. Mind reading can be a very useful tool in many aspects, but can also be a very dangerous tool as well in the wrong hands.

Telekinesis, sure we have all seen it in the movies but seeing it in person is a different story. Most of us will never see it in our lifetime, since there are very few cases of it. About 5 years ago though scientists have decoded the signals in the brain that control hand movements. Which lead to some implanted microchips into monkey’s brains. The monkeys were then able to move cursors on a computer screen using their brain.

Alchemy is another that science is dabbling in. It is the ancient not so good version of chemistry. Back in times of its use nothing useful ever really came out of it. Since then though there has been some great successes. Spending more and more time on transmutation of elements.

Palm reading, is one that almost everyone is familiar with. Now there is mixed feelings on this one. Depending on who is reading them the reading can vary. Where science comes in on this one though is now science uses fingerprints and palm prints frequently to identify people for many reasons. Some genetic disorders can be foretold by looking at palms and fingertips.

Last but not least fortune telling, many still use this as a money maker. Yet few have the ability to actually give you a proper reading. This is one of the few avenues that can be faked pretty easy, because no one can prove what is going to happen in the future until it happens. It has however turned into people coming up with software that can calculate things that can be considered a prediction. Such as global warming.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Recognizing Symptoms of Being Cursed

Being cursed is a condition where a person experienced several bad lucks suddenly. Long time ago, cursed is something usual in this world. It is believed that cursed is can be done by a witch who is cooperating with demons to cause many negative effects to human. Usually, the person who is being cursed is disliked by someone else, it could be his relative, friend, enemy, and the person who was being hurt. It is considered normal as human being sometimes cannot control their emotions, then want to take a revenge. Thus, you should be aware if you have an enemy or you hurt somebody’s feeling. If you live a negative life such as suddenly having a serious illness without any symptom before, or having communication trouble when it seems like everybody disliked you. Accordingly, here are the list of symptoms if you are being cursed.

A tragic death. It might be the worst symptom of being cursed as the victim will not find out who has done it, the causes might be vary, yet it will be a tragic one such as caused by serious illness, car accident, fell from high building, etc. If you are unlucky enough, the symptom will also affect the people around you or could be even worse, like your loved ones. Serious illness. Serious illness without any signs before is a possible symptom of being cursed. Thus, the causes could be a sudden death or even worse, such as being paralyzed for the rest of your life, or a stroke disease. Instability in financial or losing property. It is one of the most common symptoms of being cursed since it will affect the quality of the victim’s life. The reasons behind the victim’s losses might be illogical, and so if you are suddenly loss your property, your job, and your business without any logical reason you should find whether you are being cursed or not.

Have a relationship or communication problem is another symptom of being cursed. If you are an outgoing person and being loved by many people you should be more careful due to there is a possibility that someone will envy you. To be specific, if you try to be a friendly person, be nice to everyone and then nobody likes you it is possibly due to you are being cursed by someone. therefore, it is worth a try to find out the possible reason behind the problem. You can try to pray daily and ask a priest or a shaman whether there is someone who cursed you, then find a way to prevent it.

All you want to know about Exorcism

The movies have had an interesting portrayal of exorcisms. Some of the things seen may hold some kind of relevance but there is also a lot of added in Hollywood extras for the thrill. Some of the true facts are though that it is a religious or spiritual ritual used to evict demons and or spiritual entities from a person, object or area being afflicted by it.

Exorcisms did have a down time around the 18th century, where there weren’t as many being performed. Then the use of them picked up again in the 20th century, creating an increase of 50% between the 60’s and 70’s. The rise being associated with media hype.

The Catholic religion is the most well-known religion known for performing exorcisms. However, there are other religions as well that do perform their own versions of an exorcism. Once it has been determined that an exorcism is needed, then they move on to performing one. They utilize several tools during an exorcism mainly consisting of holy items such as crosses, holy water, bible and prayer.

Exorcisms vary in the amount of time as well as the amount of sessions depending on the possession. It can also only be performed by clergy that has been properly trained for such a situation. Since if not done properly it can cause more harm than good.

One of the things all possessed persons have in common is that they have something going on that is causing them to be more vulnerable. They could have a low self-esteem situation thing going on. They could of also had a big life changing event that could o put them in a weakened state. Such as a death of a close person to them. Those types of situations make a person weaker, making them an easy target for a demon or spiritual possession.

There are many notable people that have had an exorcism done, such as Mother Teresa later in life. Since she was having problems sleeping and was becoming agitated. Salvador Dali was another that was stated to have an exorcism done on himself by an Italian friar when in France.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

How Susceptible You Are to Evil Eye

Many have heard the term evil eye, but only a few have fully understood what an evil eye is and how susceptible we are to this.

Evil eye, is a term used to describe the process of being afflicted by Raja-Tama vibrations. It is believed that vices such as envy, hatred, and jealousy may generate Raja-Tama vibrations. Based on research, the distress that a person may experience due to being affected or possessed by negative energies is also a type of affliction by the evil eye.

People from all ages and races can be a possible for host for evil eye. But how susceptible we are to it? Research have found that evil eye can be transmitted from one person to another. The Raja-Tama vibrations is transferred by just glaring into the susceptible host. It may root from envy, anger and hatred. The person may be able to cause harm to another in the form of illness, injury, or even death. It is believed that a person can afflict with the evil eye intentionally or unintentionally.

At this juncture, we will discuss the ways on how evil eye is transmitted. The first one is through desirous thoughts. One example for this is seeing a cute and adorable infant. The person unknowingly has desire-related thoughts that may inflict harm to the infant, again intentionally or unintentionally. The second one is through envious thoughts. An example for this one is a worker and his co-worker. This particular worker is making every effort to earn more praises from his supervisors/managers; however, his co-worker who just did what is expected of him, not exerting much effort, was the one who received all the praises and appraisals from their bosses. This certain instance releases Raja-Tama vibration from the worker who strive hard to earn praises. Which in many ways may have a direct effect on the co-worker? The third one is through black magic. This is the severe form of afflicting the evil eye. The person used specific mantras and tools to cause harm to the individual. The fourth one is through negative energies. It is believed that people who are distressed are affected by the distressing energy which was released from the negative energies.

In conclusion, physical symptoms of evil eye can easily be detected, which may include but not limited to headaches, severe pain, recurring skin diseases, and many more.

The evil eye as a tool for black magic

As its name states, black magic is the dark side of the magical world, which through the use of different energies, aims to harm and ruin others, or to change things, people or situations for a personal, and usually selfish, benefit. This kind of magic, not very appreciated in any culture because of its bad intentions, is frequently used for revenge, to bring back a previous partner, to succeed in work-related activities and to earn money mainly.

Among the different spells used in black magic, the evil eye is one of the most widespread and commonly used. The evil aye, is an ancient belief in which the strong mean look from one person can curse another one, bringing misfortune, disease, harm, injuries, etc. In black magic, its thought that a real and effective evil eye, can be performed only and exclusively by an experimented practitioner, being a witch or a wizard. In principal, the ritual consists in the eye contact of the witch (or wizard) and the person to be cursed. While the eye contact is occurring, the concentrated and channeled negative energies will approach the victim’s aura and go through it until it reaches the heart and soul, causing the harm. Within the practice of black magic, few extremely exceptionally powerful wizards and witches can perform the ritual even in the distance i.e. they do not even need to have the eye contact with the victim in order to transmit the curse.

A person affected by the evil eye curse, will start to feel that life goes wrong in many aspects, family, friends, economy, job, and even physically changes in appearance and health can be perceived. Talismans and amulets have been designed in different cultures to protect against the power of the evil eye, however once a person is already cursed, such artifacts will not have any kind of power to reverse the curse. Then, specialized white magic rituals guided by an expert, or religious help is the only way to revert the effects of the curse. Most of the time, the harm caused by the curse cannot be completely reversed, however, with the help of experts, faith, and a proper guidance, the curse can be stopped before in gets too late.

Bad energies are found all over the world, and regardless if a person is a believer or not, the effects can be horrendous. Good counseling and keeping informed with an open mind, can change the course of a curse.

The Reality of Evil Eye

The evil eye is a belief based on the idea, that any person, with just a look, can curse someone else. The first stories about the evil eye date back to around 3000 years ago, mainly from ancient Greece and Rome, and has been referenced by many historical figures such as Hesiod, Plato, Theocritus, Plutarch, and Aulus Gellius, among others. The original story tells that the evil eye would come to any person who was admire or received more admiration than what they really deserved. Nowadays, no matter where the story is told, is based on the same idea: a bad look can harm the other.

The evil eye curse would bring to the affected person misfortune, disease, harm, suffering or different kinds of injuries. Throughout history the power of this belief has been so powerful that many amulets, talismans, and all kind of different artifacts have been designed to protect people against the power of the evil eye. Usually, the powerful curse affects newborns because their purity and innocence of soul make them an easy target hence, a big part of the protective artifacts are specially design for the infants.

All cultures have designed their own amulets and talismans to protect against the evil eye, but the most famous and well known, come from the Mediterranean area. They are usually a disc or ball with white circles intercalated with circles in different tones of blue, somehow resembling an eye. Such talismans and amulets are still very popular not just to protect against the curse of the evil eye, but also as good luck amulets. During the ancient times, once a person was already affected by the evil eye, different kinds of remedies were implemented to reverse the curse. For example in some Greek villages, the fur of a bear would be burn in order to reverse the curse.

Nowadays, the evil eye keeps being popular among different cultures, however is more understood as the bad energy from the people who envious of others’ success. That is one of the reasons why superstitious around world claim that for a successful life, plans and ideas should not be shared until they are fully materialized, and the less is shared about personal life, the more protected a person will be against the power of the envy, or evil eye.

What a religion says about evil eye?

In Islam evil eye is discussed by a wide topic. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) the one who preached the religion. He always preached the human beings to spread love and compassion and to wash away the hatred and envy. In Islamic community they have a strong belief regarding evil eye. Let’s see what is evil eye in Islamic way? And how can we cure it by the teachings of Prophet Mohammed (PBHU)? How dangerous it is? What are the after-effects?

Definition of evil eye;

This means when a person looks at another person with a negative feeling in his heart. It happens when he or she cannot have what the other person is having. Actually as human beings and as Muslims they should be happy with what they have. So the problem of being envious will not be a topic to be discussed. Becoming jealous is an ordinary thing but looking at a person with envious eyes isn’t a good behavior. When you see someone who is in a higher state than you, you have to think about the person who is in a lower state than yours. That is what Islam teaches. When you do like that naturally you will not feel envious about another.

So that’s about what Islam says regarding evil eyes.

What will happen if you’re a victim of evil eye?

When you achieve high it will be very visible that people are envious about your success. But don’t let their envious glare put you down. Evil eye glare might put you in lot of difficulties such as you might get problem in your career life or family life. Muslims, no matter what happens they put their trust and faith in their god. So when you have trust and faith on your god nothing can cause damages to your success.

How to wash way evil eye?

In Islam most of the problems or pains have medicines in the holy Quran. Likewise for evil eyes also, if they read certain prescribed lines for evil eye while having faith in their hearts, god will definitely wash away the evil eye. More over Islam is justice. It wouldn’t let innocent people to become victims of evil eye.

Nothing is dangerous if you have faith in Allah (GOD) that is what Islam says.